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What Works

Urban Innovations that work

WhatWorks is a series of dynamic presentations by pioneering urban innovators from around the world. Each one has six minutes to tell us about a project they are leading to tackle one of the great urban challenges of our time. Come and hear their stories and discover what works in cities.

Matthew George, CEO of Bridj

Matt is the CEO of Bridj which is the world’s first smart mass transit system. Bridj uses big data and network optimization to develop direct transit routes within a city to cut trip times in half without a car.


Mouna Andraos, Co-founder, Daily tous les jours

Mouna is co-founder of Montréal-based studio Daily tous les jours. For the past four years, Daily tous les jours' focus has been on creating collective experiences that inspire people to become active participants in the world around them. Their work takes on different shapes: from urban interventions and planning, to events, to software applications or short films.


Gerardo Asali De La Mora, Founder and CEO, DAS arquitectura

Gerardo Asali is a Mexican architect based in Mexico City. He received his Bachelor’s in Architecture from the Universidad Iberoamericana Mexico and his Master’s in Architecture from the Berlage Institute, Netherlands.


David Auerbach, Co-founder, Sanergy

David Auerbach is a co-founder of Sanergy, a pioneering social enterprise in Nairobi, Kenya which builds healthy, prosperous communities in Africa’s informal settlements by making hygienic sanitation affordable and accessible for everyone, forever.


Scott Crouch, Founder/Chief Executive Officer, Mark43

Scott Crouch is the 22-year-old co-founder and CEO of Mark43, a startup that helps law enforcement agencies fight crime more strategically with code.


Catherine Cuellar, Chief Executive Officer, Dallas Arts District

Catherine Cuellar serves as CEO of the Dallas Arts District, the largest contiguous urban cultural neighborhood in the United States and world headquarters of the Global Cultural Districts Network.


Mark Dytham, Director, Klein Dytham Architecture & Founder, PechaKucha

Mark Dytham is director of Klein Dytham architecture (KDa) based in Tokyo. KDa is a multi-disciplinary design practice active in the design of architecture, interiors, and public spaces, installations and events. Working with clients such a Selfridges, Vertu, Uniqlo, Shiseido, Tsutaya and Sony redefining the retail experience is a key element of KDa’s work.


Mohamed Hage, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Lufa Farms - Montreal

A born entrepreneur, Hage oversees all of Lufa Farms development and operations. He has a long history in successful technology-based ventures and real-estate development. Hage is the owner of the vision at Lufa Farms and is driven by a keen personal interest in environmental science, sustainable fresh agriculture, and the challenge of renewable energy.


Chad Houser, Executive Director, Chef, Cafe Momentum

Chef Chad Houser is a proud native of the great state of Texas and a true connoisseur of all her fruits, whether it's locally grown Lemley tomatoes or a refreshing Viognier from the Hill Country.


Miloš Milisavljević, Founder and Chief Executive, Strawberry energy

Miloš is a founder and chief executive of “Strawberry energy” Company, responsible for everyday functioning, as well as for business strategy development of the company and its products.


Pronita Saxena, Co-founder and Chief Growth Officer, NextDrop

Pronita Saxena is co-founder and Chief Growth Officer at NextDrop, a startup solving water issues by connecting citizens, government bodies, and the private sector to actionable information via mobile technology.


Meenu Vadera, Founder, Sakha Consulting Wings Private limited, Founder/Executive Director, Azad Foundation

Meenu is a feminist and currently a social entrepreneur working on the idea of ‘Women on Wheels’. She has worked – nationally and internationally over the last twenty six years on a range of issues of women’s rights.


Su Yunsheng, Director of Technical Development Center of Urban Development Planning Branch, Shanghai Tong Ji Urban Planning & Design Institute

Dr. Su Yunsheng has been a planning consultant for the Shanghai 2010 World Expo, a guest lecturer at Shanghai’s Urban Planning Bureau, Director Training Courses, and co- founder of Urban China Magazine.