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Sonja Miokovic

Global Director


Sonja is the Director of Ventures for DECODE Inc. a Toronto-based youth innovation engine with global reach. Born in Kuwait to a mother of German-Polish descent and a Serbian father, Sonja often feels that she was born into a cross-cultural experiment. Part nomad, Sonja has travelled to over 56 countries.

As co-founder and Global Director of YouthfulCities she now engages and activates thousands of youth in the world’s largest urban centers, in order to rank cities from a youth perspective. This unique reservoir of youth-centric knowledge is utilized globally to provide innovative solutions about how to make cities better places for young people to live, work and play. It also provides key insights into how cities can best retain their young talent and develop local intellectual capital.

Sonja has a degree in Journalism from Ryerson University; MA from the Global Studies Programme, in comparative Social Science degree from Albert-Ludwigs University, Germany; the University of Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa and Jawaharlal Nehru University, India.

Her diverse portfolio exhibits her commitment to inclusive multi-stakeholder collaborations: 
- Research Design + Innovation Leader for the MasterCard Foundation's pan-African Youth Think Tank 
- Ideating inclusive approaches to urban development through tourism in preparation for FIFA 2010 in Durban 
- Rallying national awareness with UNICEF on child-friendly cities across Serbia
Sonja is a firm believer in volunteerism with 3300+ hours clocked. She was a Canadian delegate on the Ship for World Youth; a 2xYouth Ambassador for Youth Challenge International; and an Alumni of Canada World Youth. She sits on the Board of Directors for Green Thumb Growing Kids, a Toronto charity that builds school food gardens; and the West Toronto Keys to Inclusion, a community employment program for young adults with intellectual disabilities.