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Sarah Murray


Financial Times and Economist Group

Sarah is writer on environmental sustainability, corporate responsibility and human development who regularly covers smart cities and sustainable urban planning. A long-time Financial Times contributor and former FT staff journalist, she also writes research reports for the Economist Group, as well as for universities, foundations and others.

Her work has also appeared in publications including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The Economist, The Independent, The Times, The Guardian, the South China Morning Post, Canada’s National Post, and South Africa’s Business Day.

Sarah’s blog on business and society, “Mixing It Up,” features the smart, enterprising individuals who are working to improve our lives and change the way we consume natural resources. In interviews with everyone from CEOs to policymakers, social entrepreneurs, academics, authors and others, the blog highlights game-changing innovations, unexpected collaborations, and new business models.

Sarah is also author of two books, “Making an Exit: From the Magnificent to the Macabre, How We Dignify the Dead,” and “Moveable Feasts: From Ancient Rome to the 21st Century, the Incredible Journeys of the Food We Eat.”