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Su Yunsheng

Director of Technical Development Center of Urban Development Planning Branch

Shanghai Tong Ji Urban Planning & Design Institute

Dr. Su Yunsheng has been a planning consultant for the Shanghai 2010 World Expo, a guest lecturer at Shanghai’s Urban Planning Bureau, Director Training Courses, and co- founder of Urban China Magazine. He has given lectures at Tongji University in Shanghai, AA school in UK, Bauhaus School & Technische Universität Darmstadt in Germany, etc.

Dr. Su earned his bachelor’s, master’s degree as well as doctor’s degree in Urban Planning, Design and Design Theories all from Tongji University. His career at Shanghai Tongji Urban Planning & Design Institute started in 2001. He has supervised many important Urban Design projects, such as Beijing Tongzhou Canal city, 2010 Shanghai Expo-village, Guangzhou Financial City, etc.

He has been active in bringing the experience of China’s rapid modernization and its designs to other countries. In 2005, he undertook the task of promoting Tongji University globally and introduced the concept of “China Cities”. That same year, Dr. Su played a role in launching Urban China Magazine, a modern planning and design publication. In 2008, together with some Tongji designers and urban planners, he found Etopia, a conceptual construction platform, point to innovation for life. He has got refined study in New Energy City and Smart Sustainable City since before the Shanghai World Expo. He’s always been pushing for a Smart Sustainable Urbanization transition under this Cloud Era with huge data flow.